The Lousy Cinderellas

Zomer 1997 kwamen de eerste leden bij elkaar en begon het drie jaar korte leven van The Lousy Cinderellas. Sandra Simmes, Peter-Michiel Westenbrink, Mathijs van Lieshout en Jan den Besten maakten een mix van diverse stijlen op hun geheel eigen wijze: dwars, kleurig en vol gekke ideeën omtrent uitvoering en aankleding.

.. the Lousys had turned the stage into an exhibition of bizarre decoration: there was a little TV Set, some electronic lighting-stuff and lots of little furs and flowers, which made the stage look like a perfect living-room for a psychedelic cocktailparty. (..)
When the gig of The Lousy Cinderellas began, it turned out to be even better than we had dared to imagine: we were literally standing in the first row with open mouths. It´s always hard to describe music, but I think that New Wave and Rhythm & Blues are major influences on the music of the Lousys.
The singing of Jan has a dramatic touch, but also a lot of humor. Although I did not understand the Dutch lyrics, I often had the feeling that I knew what they were about. Sandra also has a beautiful voice. All of them are playing more than one instrument, not like virtuosos, but really inspired and with a lot of ideas.
But the show was more than beautiful music. All of the crazy decoration-parts were used in a very fascinating performance-show, which made the concert an experience both audible and visible. ..." (Henry Lafrenz)

Postuum hebben ze een CD uitgebracht met onder meer 4track opnamen die bedoeld waren voor een single. Één track is ook verschenen op de tape 'oornament'. Nog steeds kun je hun 'Lousy WebTV' bekijken!.


The Lousy Cinderellas - The Lousy CinderellasThe Lousy Cinderellas
The Lousy Cinderellas